About Us

Spearheading Software Innovation

We are a software development company founded by 6 successful Belgian ITentrepreneurs. ITejo is an affiliate of the Elmos Group and PeopleWare and must be seen as an extension of their regular IT business operations. 

We have chosen Lisbon as this city is becoming one of the most important cities in Europe for IT companies: easy access to highly qualified professionals and great universities make it a very friendly environment for extending software development services.

Portugal is spearheading software innovation. And all of this in just an under-3-hour flight away.

Skilled IT Professionals

ITejo employees are fully integrated into Belgian teams, hence they need to meet the same high level quality standards. Our selection and assessment procedures are identical to the ones used in our Belgian firms. The ITejo team only consists of well-educated, skilled and experienced professionals, good communicators and team members you can rely on.

Our team


Marc Schijvaerts

Managing Director

itejo phone icon+32 3 448 33 38



Liesbeth Debruyn

General Manager

itejo phone icon+32 15 28 51 80


ITejo Jo Smets


Jo Smets


itejo phone icon+351 211 633 288

ITejo mail iconinfo@itejo.pt

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