Reinforce Your Project Team

Often one can’t respond in a timely manner to a project’s need, either because there is no IT consultant available or because the consultant doesn’t have the right skills nor experience. ITejo is able to swiftly deliver you the right consultant.
For projects being constrained by financial restrictions ITejo offers highly skilled, experienced and motivated consultants at very competitive rates.

Covid-19 proved that home office is a valid option. Moreover, this new way of working is now the new norm and our consultants can provide the right approach, framework, and project governance perfectly from home. So what would stop you from integrating a consultant “at home in Lisbon” into a project in Belgium?

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Extending our Belgian Team

ITejo staff are collaborating with their Belgian counterparts on projects that are being executed and fully managed from our Belgium headquarters.

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ITejo Consultants

Quickly respond to your needs by hiring highly skilled, experienced and motivated consultants to staff your project.